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Bull mother farm is very important part of semen station where highly specific breeding cows are being choosed and ranked on the basis of their lactation yield and breed assessment. Here genetically superior bulls are selected which are responsible for birth of future high yield cows.  There are very few semen stations in India having their own Mother Bull Farm. Semen stations where bull mother farm does not exists, they hire bulls from farmers, breeders and gaushalas but there is great risk that bull taken/hired from unauthorized persons or without pedigree chart, whether sire is offspring of high yielding cow or not. Question again rises that “what will happen if hired  sire does not belongs to High milk production Dam (cow)”?
Sahiwal Cows
Breeding bull without any authorized history can adversely effect our breeding strategy ultimately leads to huge loss. We should have to visually confirm presence of “Bull Mother Farm” at the semen station from where semen is being taken and inseminated to our cows. Purchase of semen should be totally focused on presence of Bull Mother Farm at semen station and their management system of rearing, feeding and caring of cows which will reflects quality and capability of semen hence you can access what kind of offsprings/calves will take birth from your cows. Kamdhenu Gaushala has well managed “Bull Mother Farm” where all the arrangements are done for total well being of cattle, with permission you can visit our “Bull Mother Farm” and you can also visit on our website where you can have access to our sire directory and various managemental practices which we are practicing here efficiently.