National Training Program For Indigenous Cows

Kamdhenu Gaushala is starting a training programme for providing detailed information/knowledge about indigenous cows to all farmers, breeders, and cattle rearers towards rearing Cows. Through the rearing of indigenous cows alone India will be enriched, empowered and healthy. In India, the trend of rearing native cattle breeds is increasing which is a matter of joy. 

Due to lack of correct information, the indigenous cattle rearers/ breeders are facing difficulties and this work is not progressing rapidly. The need of the hour is cattle rearing/breeding should get scientific basis and it is quiet imperative. When Indian cattle rearers get correct information along with scientific backing then the indigenous / native cattle rearing will progress with twice the speed. 

Kamdhenu Gaushala is bringing you correct and accurate information through a training camp. You were all awaiting this training camp for many years. Due to the Corono pandemic we were delayed in starting the program.

Whomsoever among you is interested to attend this training camp can click on the link below for registration. Here you have to fill a registration form.

After getting your information Kamdhenu Gaushala will share the complete information through email/mobile regarding the date of training camp, timings, the training fees, residence and food etc. In this training camp along with benefit of indigenous cattle rearing you will also get spiritual benefit. This camp will re-energize you about indigenous cattle-rearing. You are all welcome to this training camp.

                                                                               “Jai Gaumata Jai Gopal”

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